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Chimichurri with Pulled-Pork, TexasFoodGuy Style

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Chimichurri with Pulled-Pork TexasFoodGuy Style

So, this isn't so much a recipe, as it is a chance for us to admire the foodie skills of our friend @texasfoodguy

Lourdes Gourmet - Chimichurri enjoyed "Texas-style".

Time with my little ones is often limited as a working Dad, but not for vacation Dad. Vacation Dad wakes up with the toddlers, plays in their playroom, gets bashed in the head by a Stretch Armstrong toy that my little man was unable to hold on to, watches children's programming that he is often confused by, and drives nearly sixty total miles crisscrossing the city searching for a kitten to appease their desire for a cuddly, furry, tiny little ball of feline happiness. Vacation Dad is a busy guy.
Tonight, I made time for my kitchen. Dinner, this night, is a slow cooked, ridiculously tender pulled pork that happily braised for over ten hours to reach the perfect level of tenderness served over black beans, toddler sized Texas tortillas and topped with queso fresco and chimichurri sauce. My intent for this dinner was to rave about my perfectly prepared slab of meat, however I must admit that the star of the meal (as voted by my family) was the sauce. Recently, I acquired a bottle of Lourdes Gourmet Chimichurri sauce and I honestly have to say, this sauce made the dish.
Nothing but respect for my friends over at @lourdesgourmet, these folks have an insanely good sauce on their hands, plus their products are all natural with no preservatives. I will either be making use of my Amazon Prime membership to order another bottle or visiting my local Whole Foods Market for another bottle very soon.