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Lourdes Gourmet - Est. 1993

Since its genesis in 1993, the aim of Lourdes Gourmet has been to create a diverse line of gourmet-quality products, that echo the homemade goodness which the company was found upon. Founder, Lourdes, was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, where she developed her passion for cooking at a very young age. It was in her family’s kitchen that Lourdes was first introduced to the wide array of delicious delicacies, which poured in from her family’s magnificent garden, and native town.

Her influences continued to grow and branch out upon moving to the United States, where the seeds of her company first took root. What began as a hobby of making her special, gourmet treats for friends, quickly spread by word of mouth, and the weekly orders began flowing in shortly thereafter. And, Lourdes continued to create and add to her exquisite line of products, turning her love for cooking into a reality shared by all of her customers.

Lourdes Gourmet products are made in small batches, in Southern California. Our items are all natural and contain no preservatives.