Where to Buy Chimichurri | Your Favorite Chimichurri

The Chimichurri is awesome!

The Chimichurri is awesome! I have all my friends addicted. I use it on bread instead of garlic butter. I slather it on fish fillets and bake it. I saute my veggies with it, and I even toss it on my pasta. It is a staple in my pantry. ~ Teresa ~ Oxnard, CA

This chimichurri sauce is out of control great!!! Seriously, I used it on a slow cooked shredded pork (that I was extremely proud of ) and this sauce turned out to be the star of the meal. My family's only concern was that I could purchase more. Again, you have an incredible sauce on your hands. ~ Jason ~ Fort Worth, TX

Love the chimichurri...it was actually phenomenal. ~ Shel ~ OC, CA

I love your products, and I’m excited that I found you online. ~ J. Molina ~ Long Beach, CA

I actually know your Chimichurri well! I grew up in Ventura and my family is still there. We all buy this stuff like mad. ~Sarah ~ Overland Park, KS

The only chimichurri my husband will eat. We cook cod with the sauce on top. We have been using Lourdes chimichurri for over 15 years. ~FJH ~ CA

I needed to replace my fav sauce ever, your Chimichurri.Thanks for helping me make my meals more delicious and memorable. God bless and keep up the yummy good work!!! ~ J. Rieder ~ Ventura, CA

I am a huge fan now. The Chimichurri Sauce is divine! I’ll be sure to spread the word. ~ C. Cole ~ Bakersfield, CA

I found you when I traveled from San Francisco to Venice Beach and picked some up at Whole Foods Venice. So delicious!! ~L. Philipp ~San Francisco, CA

The best! And you can quote me. ~ Topper Schroeder ~ Creator of Gendarme Fragrances

My eds loved the stuff you sent us and we are shooting it this Friday for a possible inclusion in our February or March issue. ~ Latina Magazine

Lourdes Gourmet Chimichurri is THE BEST. ~ P. Douglas ~ Ventura, CA

I met you at the market recently and would like to order your products for my new shop. While I was there I purchased your strawberry jam it is SOOOOO delicious! No, really, really, really delicious. I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ~ T.Wunder ~ Santa Paula, CA

The Mango Spread is delicious. I just saw it on the shelf and tried it. I have never seen any flavors like you make. I will have to try some of your other flavors as I’m sure they are all delicious. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. I really appreciate it. ~ S. Burch

I tried the Chimichurri and now I’m hooked. No other sauces compare. ~ A. Uritia ~ Simi Valley, CA

Co-workers tasted it sooooooo, I had to order 3 more Chimichurri. ~ W. Holton ~ Lancaster, CA

I bought your Chimichurri on the recommendation of my friends at the Thousand Oaks Farmers Market and it’s so great. It’s the best on sandwiches. It gives such a great kick to everything. I’m running out of it now, and I don’t know how to replace it on the east coast. I use it all the time. Everything is so bland without it. Every sandwich shop should have it. It’s so terrific. ~ L. Lanzerotti ~ Essex Junction, VT

Can’t wait to get it and I love that I can order online now. ~ B. Jenkins ~ Oak View, CA

I received 2 of your products from my/your friend, Pamela. They are wonderful. ~ D. Steed ~ Greenville, SC

I saw your products at a fair somewhere and purchased them for my own use. I love them. So, whenever I need a gift from Oxnard to rub it in about the awesome place I live, I send them some of your Oxnard Strawberry Jam. Thanks again. ~ L. Rehak ~ Oxnard, CA

Tried your Chimichurri at the Oxnard Farmers Market. Excellent. Shared with friends here and they all thought it was the best, even straight from the bottle on fresh bread and veggies. ~ E. Puchir ~ Novato, CA

Excellent product. Will purchase again in the near future. Great customer service and follow-up. ~ K. Faria ~ Quincy, MA

My Chimichurri Grilling Sauce arrived on time and in excellent condition and I’ve been enjoying it since. It is very tasty. ~ S. Kettel ~ Palos Verdes, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with this merchant. The product is fantastic, truly delicious. I will tell everyone about this wonderful product and great service. ~ M. Tucker ~ Oak Park, CA

Amazingly quick delivery, fantastic product. I will continue purchase goods from this vendor and highly recommend them to other customers. ~ A. Lindenlaub ~ Thousand Oaks, CA

These are some of our favorites from the farmers market. Chimichurri on grilled chicken. ~ Paul and Renee ~ Studio City, CA

I love their stuff. I just wish I could get it sooner. ~ S. Takada-Trudgill ~ Ontario, CAN

What a fantastic family run business! Shipping to me was tricky, since I’m in a U.S. Territory. They went above and beyond to get my packages here quickly, in excellent condition and at a great price. They make the best Chimichurri I’ve ever tasted. ~ L. Leslie ~ Puerto Rico

I so enjoy your Chimichurri product. ~ N. Combs ~ Palos Verdes, CA

I met Lourdes and sampled the sauce at the Ventura Market, Saturday, April 19. I ordered several jars when I returned home. Gave some to my (grown) son and daughter and friend. Everyone loves it. It’s sensational. ~ B. Rubin ~ Annapolis, MD

Love the Chimichurri. I’m hooked. ~ W. Holton ~ Lancaster, CA

That sauce is just incredible (Chimichurri). ~ D. Goodfriend ~ Danbury, CT

Last summer, you were selling your Chimichurri Sauce at the Ventura Farmer’s Market. I bought a jar. Wow! Keep up the good work.          ~R. Galindo ~ Austin, TX

I mixed Five Pepper Jelly and Pineapple Jalapeno Marmalade in a crockpot full of meatballs. It was a great hit. Everyone complimented on the sweetness with a kick. ~ Teresa ~ Oxnard, CA

I bought a bottle of Chimichurri in Ventura in June and love it.~ J. Williams ~ Albuquerque, NM

I tried your Dulce de Leche and Coco spreads, and also your Guava Jam, and i would just like you to know how excellent they are.               ~ C. McMahan ~ Norman, OK

On your recommendation, I tried warming the Dulce de Leche over ice cream, but it was so good, the next day I ate it right from the jar. Time to reorder. ~ E. Scott ~ Trenton, NJ

I have to have the Chimichurri Sauce. Just about out and I can’t go on living without it. ~ D. Lundin ~ Van Nuys, CA