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Steak and Eggs w/Chimichurri by Lourdes Gourmet

Lourdes GourmetComment

Steak and eggs with Chimichurri by Lourdes Gourmet

Steak and eggs with Chimichurri

So, this isn't so much a recipe as it is simply an appreciation of one foodie, from another. We love the composition of color, texture and, of course, how our Chimichurri fits into the edges of the frame.

"Breakfast today is a little spin on steak and eggs. New York Strip Steak marinated in Chimichurri, from my friends at Lourdes Gourmet, sunny side up eggs and sliced avocado all resting atop a healthy drizzling of Chimichurri sauce. As an added bonus, my egg had a double yolk!! Happy happy flavor packed breakfast."

Post and photo courtesy of @texasfoodguy . Thanks for being most excellent and sharing photos of your delicious meals.

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